Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Sleeper Album Of 97

Back in 1997 Master P and No Limit Records where droppin' records damn near every 2weeks. This was a turn point in mainstream hip-hop as we know it, Pandoras Box was opened. I at the time was thinking "This B.S is got to change soon" but lord behold 10yrs. later shit is still the same but out of the M.O.P ranks can a emcee with the lyrical word play of Rakim and the aggressive N.Y. street swag, this guy was Teflon. My Will (in my opinion) was one of the most slept on albums of that year. From the start this album paints a picture of things Tef has experienced, from topics of in jail and problems with grimy women, black politics and straight up emceeing. Sadly this cd is out of print but amazon still has a few copies in stock. 
So check out one of the last great albums of 1997.

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