Friday, October 31, 2008

Play Cloths- Online Running Boy Tee

With the launch of The Clipse clothing line Play Cloths just around the corner the duo is releasing a special limited edition online tee w/ what looks like old school 80's images inside the running boy logo pretty dope. 
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Bangin' Album of 94

Let's go back in time.... back to 1994 
Remember how fly you were in a Polo bear sweater, Guess jeans and Tims but what I remember the most was much great hip-hop was being released at the time. One of my favorite albums back in 1994 was Gang Starr's Hard To Earn . Hard To Earn was Gang Starr's  was there fourth album and arguably there best album thanks to Dj. Premier's conduction of this symphony. The featured many hits like DWYCK, Code Of The Streets and Mass Appeal. So if you don't have this great album pick it up now and listen to a piece of 94. 

Ralph Lauren Polo "Scenic Silk Print Tie"

Over the years you may notice that a tie is one of those items you can't get around not having one. RL Polo knows this so there team has design many to fit your style but one stood out to me and the Scenic Silk Print tie was that one. From the very detailed art to the construction and feel you will bag this one asap. This tie is about $115 and is available now at any RL Polo dealer. 

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lesson 3........ Building A Lo Mansion

Now that we learned history and to be innovative, here is are next lesson
Building A Lo Mansion...
Here is where it all starts.. your closet aka Lo mansion. Buy and collecting the illest Lo you can get your hands on and rock out. There is a lot of competition out there so you got to be fresh, now what I mean by fresh is stunt on everybody at all times. Don't just buy vintage Lo or new Lo mix and match your pieces to show some diversity in your mansion. Not only buy clothing items but collect things of value like Polo bears, Lo towels, hats etc. this beefs up your collection. Last but not lease pick outfits that rep your swag... don't and I MEAN DON'T steal other people steeze that's not original and real Lo heads or Lo Lifes will call you out on it. Remember real recognize real... just because you wear Polo don't make you a Lo head. So become a construction worker and build mansion.

A Message of HOPE....

Here is something I love.... 
Artist getting involved with causes they feel are important. One artist took to the streets and showed his support for Presidential candidate Obama by putting his talents to work. David Choe decided to print up his painting of Mr. Obama and post them up around the city and spread the message of hope. 

Ralph Lauren Rugby "DARTFORD RUGBY"

RL is doin' the damn thing this season with quality garments like this.....
The Dartford Rugby is a cotton long sleeve shirt with elbow patches, a twill multi stitch collar and a left chest embroidery. Ok my felloe Lo heads go out and cop this piece and look fresh.

Ralph Lauren Rugby "LUX SHAWL"

Hey ladies!!!!!
Here is a little Lo for you to stay fresh this winter season. The Lux Shawl by RL Rugby is a wool/ cashmere sweater with all the fixings like finished pockets and adjustable buckle tab at the waist. So cop this one now at any Rugby store near you. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lesson 2........ INNOVATIVE


It's cool in all to spend large amounts of cash to buy vintage Lo from Ebay, friends or vintage gear shops to fit in to this culture but there's no innovation in that. Now I'm not knockin' kats for buying the vintage gear but you got to make your own mark in the culture. 
1) Rock OUT... by this I mean go all out try something that nobody would try (red Lo pants with odd color shirt).
2) Get out and put in work.... Get know for your Lo collection... rock your Lo every where and I mean EVERY WHERE thats how you get put on the map
3) Last but not lease... Put your own swag on the items you buy.. bitin' the Lo Lifes or anybody else steez will get you nowhere but blown down because you got to put you into Lo you wear. 
So it doesn't matter if you got old school or new school Lo as long as you be you.  

Ralph Lauren Rugby "HAYES RUGBY"

RL Rugby is going hard with Hayes rugby. This long sleeve rugby is 100% cotton with a red stripe, left chest embroidery crest, applied "7" and a "RLFC" fabric applique. "It's tasty Lo heads, it's tasty ..... cop before I do!"  

Ralph Lauren Polo"Classic-Fit LS Dual Match Polo"

The masters of the polo shirt have done it again with this classic shirt style. The Dual Match is a run of the mill basic long sleeve shirt with a few extras like the three players embroidery on the left chest and a applied "3" on the right shoulder and on the back.No matter the season or no matter the swag....the RL Dual Match polo is a great basic garment to cop for your Lo collection.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Corum Challenge 48 Black Flag Chronograph

The Admiral’s Cup Collection by Corum continues to make timepieces with this 48 Black Flag Chronograph.The Black Flag has a 12 sided case and is cut from black titanium. A vulcanized rubber bezel adds to the finish. 

More info after the release

Lesson 1..... HISTORY

Some people are new to this Lo culture and don't have knowledge of the history behind it at all. So that's why every few day (or weeks) I will drop a few jewelz to keep you sharp as your Lo game begins to grow.  
Well Lo Heads here is your lesson for today........
The Lo Lifes: Back in the mid 1980's there where two well known Polo clikks, the one crew was Ralphie Kids (Ralph Lauren's Kids) that came out of Crown Heights, the other group came out off Brownsville and there name was The Polo U.S.A crew (United Shoplifters Association). Both crews were known for there innovations in urban fashion by putting there swag on brands that where look upon at the time as preppy or too expensive. So in 1988 the two crews joined together and became the Lo Lifes (the boostin' Voltron). The Lo Lifes became notorious for tactical shoplifting prowling across the Manhattan shopping district. 20 years later the Lo Lifes are known to most as the founders of the Lo head culture. 
Also check out... Lo lifes myspace and Rack Lo's blog


The Norton Fleece Cycle jacket is a more rock out stuntin' piece than a everyday wear outfit.
This is a 100% cotton jacket with a worn look to it, button placket and patches to give it a vintage feel. The Norton Fleece Cycle Jacket is available now at any Rugby store near you. 

Nike Dunk Low Premium SB “Mosquito”

Nike will be releasing The Mosquito Dunks next month sometime. This shoe reminds me of a ninja turtle more than a mosquito but anyway.......
You can pre-order this joints from Kix-Files right now

Ralph Lauren Polo "Reversible Alto Quilted Jacket"

Get ready to stunt on some folks this winter with this joint right here..... The Alto Quilted jacket. This quilted jacket is a 100% poly is a very sporty outerwear piece with classy little accents added to give it some punch. This jacket not only comes in four different colorways but it's also reversible to give you something extra. This jacket is available now at most RL Polo dealers.  

Monday, October 27, 2008


This AF-1 is a great looking kick for this winter. The Nike A-1 is a brown/ white leather shoe with a brown and black plaid pattern. This shoe will be released sometime next month.

Supreme Miles Davis Collection

One of jazzes most influential figures is about to become apart of Supreme's legendary jazz icons collection and that guy is Miles Davis. Here's two t-shirt preview for the up come series.
More info after the release. 

Sunday, October 26, 2008


OK ...... you be the judge. 
Place your vote on who wore the RL Rugby Preston Workshirt the best out of the these three lovely ladies. 
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Check this joint out people.....
The Varsity Fleece Jacket is a combo of vintage college campus /new school class. This jacket is a 100% cotton fleece with a zipper split hood, ribbed cuff, applique "7" patch and a button front.
You can cop this for $169.50 at any Rugby dealer or the online store.

RL Polo Style Guide

Most kats once you reach a certain age figure out what type of clothing match there swag but sad to say that there are some folk that just haven't got the formula yet. Well don't worry RL and the gang are here to give you some of that swag you have been missing with there RL Style Guide. The guide shows you little tips like how to layer, what color work and much more. 

Saturday, October 25, 2008


If your in the L.A. area tonight please check out:
1985 @ the Detroit Bar 843 w 19th St., Costa Mesa.
For more info

Bangin' Album: Grover Washington Jr.-Feel So Good 1975

Now here is a classic album from CTI Records: Feel So Good by Grover Washington Jr. and Produced by the great Bob James. This album is full of some classic sampled cuts by hip-hop artist so peep this joint and ENJOY!!!


Now if you don't know about Scribble Jam you must have been locked away in some cave for about 20 years. Scribble Jam is one of the longest running hip-hop festival around. So if your in the Cincinnati, Ohio area from nowish to Sunday Oct. 26th check it out and enjoy some real hip-hop. 

For more info visit:

Ralph Lauren Polo "Wool Polo Player Turtleneck"

The Wool Polo Player Turtleneck is a 100% wool shirt with ribbed cuff and collar, leather applied "3" and a very cold vintage player graphic in the front. The Player Turtleneck a nice collectors piece for all Lo heads or maybe you want to change your swag this winter a rock out in this classic joint to be the life of the party. 

Ralph Lauren Polo "Dual Match Half-Zip Fleece"

Need a basic layering piece for the fall/winter season well here's a idea the Dual Match Half-Zip Fleece. This part cotton/ part poly is the perfect joint to throw on if you don't want the balkiness of a coat but don't want to wear a jacket. The Dual Match comes in many different colorways to choose from to fit your swag. So go to your local RL Polo Dealer a cop one.   

Site Of The Week

" Every man got to have a hobby. What's yours stealing welfare CHECKS!! " Stripe- from Clockers
We all got something (or somethings) we're bonkers over like Lo, gadgets and maybe sneakers but everybody got there vice. If yours happens to be toys here's a site thats got more joints than a 8yrs. old rich kids toy box. Toys R Evil's I Like Toys has it all from reviews, sneak peaks and much more. So if you like figures check Toys R Evil I Like Toys you won't be disappointed.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Citizen Calibre 2100

Citizen has and will make quality watches no matter the style or price. The Calibre 2100 is a titanium, water resistant watch with safety fold over clasp and a non-reflective crystal. A great watch to go alone with any Lo outfit you may want to put on.


This VERY RARE edition of these Adidas is only available from aZX partners, each partner has only one pair for themselves which equals you not getting a pair. Good luck people........


Here a cool piece from the good folks at RL Rugby. The Letterman Cardigan is a 100% wool is a classic vintage looking sweater with a "R" embroidery on the left side and two embroidered patches on the right side. A great sweater for all new and old RL collectors.