Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Back in the 90's there where a lot of great female emcees but one (NOTE: EDITORS OPINION)  stood out above the rest and that sista was Shortie No Mass. The first time I heard this young lady was on the De La Soul's: Buhloone Mindstate. Shortie reminded me of a better rappin' Monie Love (Note from editor: your still cold to me sista Monie) and then I heard her on The Roots: Organix and was rippin' it, after in 2004 that she had a single called U Like My Style which is really good but after that I heard nothing more from queen No Mass.        

Sista No Mass we miss you Please... Please Drop another banger for music sake.  

PERSONAL GEAR "RL Stripe Crest Polo"

Here is another bangin' piece from out my personal stash. The Stripe Crest Polo was made this year for the spring collection. This shirt is 100% cotton with ribbed cuffs, three button placket and a left chest embroider Lo crest. The Crest Polo is a new piece with a old school flare to it and I'm more than pleased with my purchase. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ralph Lauren Polo "Slim Custom Fit Academy Rugby"

A pretty bangin rugby from the good folk at Polo. Check this one out on the POLO website or at any Ralph Lauren Polo dealer near you.

Respect My Vote Tee

4 years ago Puffy and Sean John released the VOTE OR DIE Tee to get more young people to get involved in the voting process. Now here we stand again in one of the most historical presidential race in U.S history. The Hip-Hop Caucus has made T.I. and AKOO the representative for this election year and the slogan is RESPECT MY VOTE! This tee will be released on Nov. 4th for election day at your local department stores near you.   

Site Of The Week

And the site of the week is "Drum roll please".......
Yo, you ain't got to live in NY to get the NY experience. Fashion, Art, Hip-hop and more. Check out this site, I promise you won't be disappointed. 


Polo Ralph Lauren "Classic Fit Flag Pocket Polo"

While there is still two months left(give or take) of summer this shirt is a nice addition to your closet before the winter comes. The Flag polo is a 100% cotton mesh with a elongated placket and ribbed cuff and collar. For only $54.99 at the POLO online store this is a deal you shouldn't pass up.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Polo Fleece Club Cardigan

It look like good Ol' Ralphie Lo is going with the collegiate look this fall. A good example is this the Polo Fleece Club Cardigan. This is a five button placket with a V neckline, pleated patch at front and a varsity-style "R" with the wing patch on the left chest and fabric 32 at the bottom right. Maybe some classic stuff here folks so check it out.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Polo Weathered Fleece Pullover

With fall approaching soon there is no better time to start getting ready for it than now. The Polo Weathered Fleece Pullover is a 100% cotton fleece pullover hoodie with the standard kangaroo pocket on the front, rib cuffs, weathered collegiate graphic on the front and fabric 32 patch on the sleeve. This hoodie runs for $125 online and at your nearest Polo retailer. 

Polo Custom-Fit RL Team Tee

Yo, you got to cop this one right away. The Polo RL Team Tee is 100% cotton with a embroidered polo player crest on the left chest and a 3 twill patch on the right sleeve. WARNING: This tee is custom fit which mean the sleeve are a little smaller than the classic fit tee. Other than that stunt on kats with this piece this year.

Polo Crest Full-Zip Jacket

Polo has made a lightweight pique fleece jacket to wear this fall. The Crest Full zip jacket comes in three colorways to go with what ever your swag. If you go to the POLO site now you will get it at a reduced price. 

Monday, July 21, 2008

Site Of The Week

If your a crate digger or just like music Turntable Lab is the site for you. This site has it all from Production equipment, vinyl, clothes, books and more. Check it out for yourself.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Ralph Lauren Rugby Hat

I'm not gonna say much about this. You can see the details for yourself. You can also cop this a any Ralph Lauren Rugby store.

Ralph Lauren Rugby Varsity Cardigan

Pure bangin' !!!!! The Ralph Lauren Rugby Varsity Cardigan is a 100% cotton knit two pocket sweater with buttons and Rugby fabric logo on the lower left side of the sweater. The Varsity Cardigan is $148 at the Rugby store near you.   


I love it when bruthas know what time it is.


Batman is back to rid Gotham City of crime in "The Dark Knight" but this time he has to face his future arch-nemesis "The Clown Prince of Crime" The Joker. From the jump to end this flix is cold, Bale does well as Bruce/Batman but the Joker (Heath Ledger) is raw as Smith life is.   Here is the basic run down on the flix, Batman and (Gary Oldman)LT. Gordon are working hard to fight the organized crime units in Gotham. Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) is the new D.A in Gotham that finds out that LT. Gordon, Batman and his case are one in the same and join forces. Now the mob bosses are hot cause the poleg and Batman are on there ass so they call in the Joker in to kill The Batman, Gordon, Dent and who ever else that want it. Batman now must fight a untamed psycho that is unlike any criminal he has ever fought.   
The Dark Knight running time is 2 hrs. and 32 minutes. I doesn't seem that long because of all the action that's going on and the acting from the cast is on point. Now as for giving Ledger that award Pssssss..... them dick ridin critics might but psssss... 4 real, I can't do it ! 
The Dark Knight gets 4 out 5 ponies 

Thursday, July 17, 2008



HTC Touch Diamond

I was out at my home girls b-day dinner and everyone was checkin' out SS's new iPhone  and I noticed people catching that fever. Now I'm thinkin' to myself like "Damn, I need a new phone." So I started my research and came across this the HTC Touch Diamond. The Touch Diamond has a 2.8 inch touch screen, Vibrant TouchFLO 3D interface, HTC Weather- to keep you on top of the weather at home or else where, HSDPA internet with broadband speed, 3.2 megapixels camera, 4GB of internal storage and a standard GPS system built in. The Diamond looks like a good competitor for the iphone. Just check out the video here...

Ralph Lauren Polo Black Cologne AKA Black Magic

Sense we're talking about cologne I might as well mention my favorite cologne (as of now) "Ralph Lauren Polo Black". For real.... Psssssss.... this is just pure james bond swag in a bottle. From the first time I got a whiff of this I knew this was real ladies turning stuff. All I got to say is cop it now at Dillards. Don't wait, the set is only $65 and you might get a extra gift with it.   

Ralph Lauren Polo Sport Cologne

Back in 1995 I got hooked on Polo Sport. The jackets, beach towels, shirts and later on the cologne. Man..... I got so many soft legs just off the smell of the cologne alone. It ran for about $35 for just the cologne but the set was $65 to $75 and usually you got a Polo bear or umbrella with it. You can still get the set at any Dillards store. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Here is another joint out of my closet. The RL Black Collection was released in 2006. Most of the fits in the collection where ahhhhhhh..... aight but me and this jacket was like love at first sight. This is a black and white cotton poly with with a graphic on the front printed in white. This jacket gets pulled out when the conditions are just right cause some kat down here don't respect the LO on some drunk frat ra ra and may spill a drink on joint.....Psssssssss. 


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ralph Lauren Polo "Observer Poplin Utility Pant"

Some kats like to wear khakis when ever they're about to hit a club but most guys say "Fuck that!! I got to be comfortable." and I support that statement but sadly (depending on the club and where you live) some club owners place a strict dress code as if your in a catholic school. To you and yours I might have a solution to your problem. The Polo Observer Poplin Utility Pant is a classic fit utility pant with that will give you a more comfortable feel with a sporty casual look with out the khaki or slack constraint. The pant has welt and bellow pockets, drawstring ties and a button at the side of the leg just incase you like the preppy rits look. hopefully this pant will cure problem and if you get to the door and they still talk shit, mush the bouncer in the face and grill'em.   

Monday, July 14, 2008

Polo Prospect Patchwork Short

The Polo "Prospect Patchwork Short" is a lightweight plaid cotton short with the standard welt pockets and zipper fly. This short reminds me of the Brooks Brothers plaid patchwork shorts from last year just lighter weight and a touch softer. The Prospect Patchwork Short run for $60 with a additional 25% off if you get them off the Ralph Lauren website. 

Polo Classic Fit Riverside Jean

Murder is all i got to say so don't front on this jean folks. The Riverside jean by Polo is a classic fit five pocket jean with a very dark wash, zipper fly and standard copper rivets. These jeans are very comfortable and can easily become your favorite jean. So go out and get you a pair or two.