Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ralph Lauren Polo "Observer Poplin Utility Pant"

Some kats like to wear khakis when ever they're about to hit a club but most guys say "Fuck that!! I got to be comfortable." and I support that statement but sadly (depending on the club and where you live) some club owners place a strict dress code as if your in a catholic school. To you and yours I might have a solution to your problem. The Polo Observer Poplin Utility Pant is a classic fit utility pant with that will give you a more comfortable feel with a sporty casual look with out the khaki or slack constraint. The pant has welt and bellow pockets, drawstring ties and a button at the side of the leg just incase you like the preppy rits look. hopefully this pant will cure problem and if you get to the door and they still talk shit, mush the bouncer in the face and grill'em.   

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