Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mind Tricks Don't Work On Me!!!

My man Common dropped his 8th album today titled Universal Mind Control. I have to say first that Com has a great track record when it comes to making dope music but this time I'm going to say that this album has a left earth a traveled to some far off planet by it's self and left the fans wondering "what the feduck was that". The album has a strange futurist under tone to it maybe because UMC was produced by Rocket General Sir. aka Pharrell which was a lack luster job on his part. Now the album does have it's shining moment "Break My Heart Live" is the best track on the album, "Universal Mind Control" is dope but the rest is subpar to say the least. UMC is a very artistic take on hip-hop and is worth listening to but I just wish Dilla (R.I.P), NO ID, Khrysis and Primo were there to give the album the weight it needed to bring it down to earth.

UMC gets 

1 1/2 of 5 ponies

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