Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lesson 5........ Take A Trip

We just got finished learning about collecting... now it's time to shift to the next level of  "Love and Loyalty" 

Here is your next lesson Lo Heads
Taking A Trip....

Some of us are lucky enough to live near a RL Polo, RRL and Rugby store but most kats don't have this luxury, so you have to sometimes take a trip to a state that has a Lo flag store. I know that some of you may ask "Why do I have to leave the city or state for lo when I could just order it online" while that true you can order stuff but flag store sometimes carry items that local department and the online store don't have. Plus it's away good to get out and see another cities night life, locals swag etc. So here's a link to find the RL Polo flag stores here in the good U.S of A.


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