Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lesson 1..... HISTORY

Some people are new to this Lo culture and don't have knowledge of the history behind it at all. So that's why every few day (or weeks) I will drop a few jewelz to keep you sharp as your Lo game begins to grow.  
Well Lo Heads here is your lesson for today........
The Lo Lifes: Back in the mid 1980's there where two well known Polo clikks, the one crew was Ralphie Kids (Ralph Lauren's Kids) that came out of Crown Heights, the other group came out off Brownsville and there name was The Polo U.S.A crew (United Shoplifters Association). Both crews were known for there innovations in urban fashion by putting there swag on brands that where look upon at the time as preppy or too expensive. So in 1988 the two crews joined together and became the Lo Lifes (the boostin' Voltron). The Lo Lifes became notorious for tactical shoplifting prowling across the Manhattan shopping district. 20 years later the Lo Lifes are known to most as the founders of the Lo head culture. 
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