Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sleeper Album of 97

Back in 1997 I remember when Royal Flush dropped Ghetto Millionaire. It was a good year for music (which made it a bangin' year for me) cause so many hard albums drop then but one cd stood out and it was this one. Ok..... This album may not be that much of a sleeper but it's definitely a bangin' one. Royal Flush is a emcee from Queens, NY and was first featured on Mic Geronimo's 1995 album The Natural and more or less history after that. Flush painted a picture for kat of life in NYC with great description. The album was a classic cd with joints like What A Shame, Family Problems and my favorite joint Illiodic Shines. Here is the video from his first single Iced Down Medallions....
So don't sleep on this album and
WAKE UP !!!!!! 

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