Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Sleeper Album Of 97

This album was one of my favorite soul album from 1997. When this joint dropped it was at the tail end of what I like to call the golden era of music, back when artists were doing original song ,being innovative and raising the bar. One female songstress took my heart and soul with a breath taking voice and ground breaking sound (at the time). This young woman was Adriana Evans. Adriana (Evans) Madera is a singer from California, her mother (Mary Stalling) was a jazz singer and her godfather (Pharoah Sanders) is a saxophonist and bandleader, which might explain the diverse sounds for her production. Dred Scott gave Adriana the break she needed after being featured on his song "Check the Vibe" in 1993.
 So in 1997 Adriana's self entitled album Adriana Evans was released on Capital Records. Sense then this sista has dropped three other albums entitled Nomadic , Kismet and El Camino. 
If you like "Neo Soul"and jazz vocalist pick up Adriana Evans on Capital Records. So pleasego out and support good music.

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SerenityLife said...

1997 was a great year for me too because of Adriana Evans! I have been following her music ever since but I can never find out anything about her performances, etc. But, I am thankful for the music to the point I had to order her new album, El Camino from the UK and it was worth it!

Thanks for letting me know I am not alone in appreciating her!!